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Hair Loss Treatments

FDA Approved Drugs for Hair Loss Treatment

There are currently only two FDA Approved medical treatments for hair loss, they are Rogaine (minoxidil), which can be used by men and women, and Propecia (finasteride) which can only be used by men.

Rogaine® – is a topical solution available over-the-counter in 2% and 5% strengths. Rogaine is effective in some people, moderately effective in some, and ineffective in others. When effective, minoxidil can retard hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Its mechanism of action is not well understood other than it is a vasodilator. Best results with minoxidil are often achieved by combining the topical solution with hair restoration surgery.

Propecia® – is an oral medication that treats the root cause of male-pattern hair loss by inhibiting the activity of the hormone responsible for hair loss. Propecia® is available only by prescription. Propecia® is usually not prescribed for women; women who may become pregnant are at risk for a certain type of birth defect in the unborn child. Propecia® works best for early to moderate degrees of hair loss. Men with extensive hair loss are unlikely to have much regrowth. Regrowth associated with Propecia® is better over the crown of the scalp than at the frontal receding hairline. When used in conjunction with hair transplantation, Propecia® may prevent further hair loss while transplantation fills in areas such as the frontal hairline.

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Hair Additions and Replacements

A small number of people with hair loss are not candidates for surgical or medical hair restoration. For these persons, hair additions or total hair replacement may be considered:

  • A person with temporary total hair loss due to radiation or chemotherapy may be a candidate for temporary total hair replacement (a wig).
  • A person who is congenitally unable to grow hair may be a candidate for permanent total hair replacement (a wig, or several wigs for different occasions)
  • Hair additions may be a temporary measure for the person who wants hair loss corrected but is not yet ready to undergo hair transplantation.
  • Hair additions or replacements may be considered by the person who has too little donor dominant hair for use in hair transplantation.

Low Level Laser Light therapy

Laser therapy is an easy and effective treatment for men and women that can be used at home or our office. It can be used alone or in combined therapy and as an addition to surgery. Women often find laser therapy to be of great benefit and a favorite treatment.