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Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Loss of eyebrow hair can make an individual feel very self-conscious about his or her appearance, and new hair transplantation techniques can often restore eyebrows. You often don’t realize the full impact that eyebrows can make on the total facial appearance until you see a person without them.

Eyebrow transplantation can successfully correct the loss or thinning of eyebrows with natural growing hair and appearance. The surgery can correct complete or partial loss and cover scars of one or both eyebrows with results that are often amazing and aesthetically pleasing. The surgery can be performed for women or men and takes usually a morning or afternoon session.

Dr. Fallon has specialized training in eyebrow and facial hair restoration.

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Eyebrow hair loss can occur for several reasons, and is most commonly associated with the following:

  • Physical trauma.
  • Systemic or local disease.
  • Excessive plucking, typically to reshape the eyebrow.
  • Trichotillomania (TTM), or self-inflicted obsessive compulsive plucking.
  • Medical or surgical treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or the surgical removal of a tumor.
  • Genetics

The procedure for restoring eyebrows involves the individual placement of single hairs in the natural growth pattern of your previous eyebrow hair. The meticulous placement of as many as several hundred hairs can restore eyebrows to their most natural appearance.

This patient is a 26 year old female with an eyebrow defect from a childhood injury. The right eyebrow was noticeably thinner from scarring. Dr. Fallon transplanted 60 single hair grafts, harvested utilizing the Follicular Unite Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method. The post-op photo is at 6 months.

Eyebrow hair transplant – before and 1 year post op.